Heritage Lottery Fund

Dear Cycle Supreme

I hope that you are well. I wonder if you could have a look at the following and, if possible, send the information out to your members?

darts (Doncaster Community Arts), in partnership with Doncaster Museum and Doncaster Council (DMBC), is submitting an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a new project to celebrate Doncaster’s cycling history.

As you know, Doncaster has been a focus of cycling activity for decades from pit clubs for miners to the emergence of cycling legends. Recently, Doncaster has seen a number of high profile cycle races coming into the town centre. From the revival of Doncaster Cycle Festival – a closed-road circuit race attracting riders of all ages and abilities, including Olympic Gold Medal winners – to 2014’s Tour de France visit to Yorkshire and the close of 2016’s Tour de Yorkshire. We have some fantastic cycling clubs across the borough (Doncaster Wheelers celebrated its 90th year this year) and will be working with them to ensure a strong representation from right across Doncaster.

Cycling is a solitary activity. The banter and chatter is saved up and spills out in cycling shops and café stops. Stories of daring, of perseverance, of courage spill out. Tales that make you cry, laugh, or wince with imagined pain.

The project will:

•                    Recruit, train and mentor a team of volunteers to gather oral histories

•                    Gather cycling stories from across Doncaster Borough

•                    Focus on cycling cafes as hubs for stories, camaraderie and banter

•                    Capture stories on film and create a beautiful new film that celebrates our heritage and what cycling means to us now

•                    Unearth new stories around cycling clubs associated with pits, local industry and local heroes

•                    Gather new objects, images and memorabilia for the Museum’s collection

•                    Find out more about Uppadine – locally made frames and a shop on Balby Road in the 30s – 70s

•                    Create a touring exhibition to take to community libraries and other venues across the borough

•                    Create an education pack for schools and other groups

•                    Create a new publication/app connecting local stories with heritage based cycle routes

Your help!

We really hope that you will get involved with the project if we are successful with our application. We hope to submit the bid in September and would love it if you could let us know:

•                   Have we missed anything? What else should/could the project do?

•                   Have you got a cycling story? It would be great to hear some bite sized versions of stories that could be included in the application to bring it to life – please tell us!