So what do you do

  • We run club rides on Saturday’s and Sunday mornings throughout the year and we also run Wednesday evening rides during the summer months. See the events tag for more information.

Do i need to be a member to ride with you.

  • Not at first because we’d like you to be sure that you want to join the club. You’ll be more than welcome to join us on one of our weekend rides but the most important thing is that you are able to keep up. Our rides page will help you assess which ride is best for you but as a general rule we would advise new riders to start riding with our steady group on Saturday mornings. We would also appreciate it if you contact us before coming on a ride so we can try and be there to meet you.

Will I be able to keep up?

  • There is always a Back Marker to prevent riders being left behind. If the ride is beyond your ability, you may not be the only one and someone will accompany you on an alternative route. After a few rides, you’ll soon find your fitness levels improves. We have steady, Moderate and Hard rides so there will be a group for you.

Will anyone talk to me?

  • Cycle Supreme Cycling Club is a very sociable group where some good friendships have been made. You will certainly not be ignored and the leaders like to get to know everyone on their ride, apart from chatting during the ride there is always the tea stop.

How fit do i need to be.

  • You’ll need a reasonable level of fitness to be able to do one of our rides. For our Saturday Intro Group ride we’d suggest that you should be able to ride about 25 miles. Our Saturday Group 1 (intermediate) Rides are approximately 40 miles, and our Sunday group 2 rides require a significantly higher level of fitness.

How old do I have to be.

  • There is a age policy within the cycle Supreme Cycling Club. The minimum age is 18 years. This restriction will be reviewed annually by the the committee.

MG_2609You ride closely together. WHY ?

  • Yes, we do tend to ride in fairly close formation and this does take a bit of getting used to if you’re new to cycling. Riding ‘on someone’s wheel’ as it’s called gives you the benefit of slipstream. Riding close enough to the person in front of you can save you as much as 15 – 40% of your energy, depending on the speed and size of the group, allowing us all to ride a bit faster and a bit further than we could on our own. Those new to group riding should download and read our Guide to Friction Free Riding to find out about the basics. Once out on the road it’s best to start at the back of the group where you don’t have to worry about people around you. From there you can soon learn some basic things about group riding and your confidence will increase.

Do i have to race

  • No. We have a  number of riders who do race but we are definitely not a racing club. Most of our members have never raced, whilst others have a racing background but are now content to take things at a slower pace.

Do I have to wear Lycra

  • Not at all. Lycra can be a bit ‘revealing’, but we dress like that for reasons of comfort. The shorts have a synthetic pad which helps keep you comfortable. The materials used in all the clothing tend to breathe well, reducing discomfort from sweating, and they don’t flap around in the wind. Basic rules for a beginner are ride in whatever you’re comfortable, and remember to keep warm, especially in the winter months. It is better to be too warm than too cold.

legsDo I have to shave my legs.

  • Generally, no! Most of our (male) riders do not shave their legs but a number of our serious racers do. The main reason is not for wind resistance. Shaven legs are easy to massage and reduce chances of infection if you crash.

What happens if I have an accident?

  • Occasionally accidents do happen. The advantage of riding with a group is that there are others to rally round to ensure that all the needs are met.

What happens if I get a puncture?

  • Everyone gets a puncture from time to time, by riding together the group will wait while you repair it. If you are not sure how to remove a wheel and change the tube, it is worth watching how the others do it. There are always people on hand to help out if you get stuck. You are expected to carry your own inner tubes and basic tools.

Do I have to wear Club kit?

  • The Cycling Club is in partnership with the Cycle Supreme Shop, therefore we would prefer that club members promote the Cycle Supreme Shop by wearing the club kit. This also adds an identity to the club on a group ride.



5 comments on “FAQ’s

  1. If like to recommend you try the woo woo wheelers they do a lower mileage and you will be fine on your hybrid bike. Give them a try

  2. I do about 7 mile round trip every day to work and back. That’s a shame I would of liked to join in.

  3. Good evening Rob, I road bike is what is recommended to be able to maintain the speed and the mileage. In the Intro group they average between 12-15 miles hour and do at least 30 miles. Most hybrid bikes have mountain bike gearing so this make it harder to maintain the speed. What are you managing to ride at the moment Rob?

  4. Hi, do you have to have a rod bike. I am interested in joining but I own a hybrid bike.

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