Saturday 18th intro and group 1 rides

Intro lead out by Nigel

Saturday Intro will leave Cycle Supreme at 10:05 for what may be a leg stretcher of around 40 flat miles, with a cafe stop half way. However this is dependent on weather and if any new riders come to the group. All riders must have a level of bike fitness so that the distance can be made. If the weather is bad or it looks likely to be, then it will be a shorter route. See you all then. Nigel.

Group 1 lead out by Andy

Leaving Cycle Supreme at 10.00am

Destination: The Lemon Tree The ride will be heading to Epworth via Gringley and will be just over 50 miles with 35 miles before we stop. All riders are welcome but must have a good level of fitness and be capable of riding safely in a group. Expect speed of 17-19mph.All riders must have the correct head gear to cycle with the club.

By Cycle Supreme

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