This Weekends Rides. The 5th and the 6th For Intro, Group 1 and Group 2

Intro Lead out by Nigel

Saturday Intro ride will leave Cycle Supreme at 10:00 for a 30-35 mile ride with a cafe stop. Do not get confused as the Group 1  riders as they will be leaving at the same time but on a more arduous journey. Exact route will be determined on the day depending on who turns up. It’s going to be a cold un so wrap up warm as they say. See you all then. Nigel

Group 1 Lead out by Dean

Saturdays G1 will be heading out to the Broomwagon in Retford. The ride will be 47 miles and all riders are welcome but must have good level of fitness and capable of riding safely in a group. We will be leaving Cycle Supreme at 10.00am

Group 2 Lead out by Matt

Sundays Group2 Ride – In view of the recent news G2 will also visit the Broomwagon this week. Matt will be leading the ride, you can expect around 55 miles. A good ride for those who need to get back in the saddle. 9am from Cycle Supreme

By Cycle Supreme

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