‘Le Tour De Doncaster’ Cycle Ride

Dear all
Please see text below highlighting the ‘Le Tour De Doncaster’ Cycle ride. Please could you circulate to your contacts please?

This is a sponsored entrants only event to raise funds for two charities and our own cycling group, with funds shared equally across the three (we’re an unfunded social cycling group). The charities are Victoria Cross Trust and Muscular Dystrophy Research.

All entrants are required to raise a minimum of £25 (if you can raise more than that, well done!) to take part in what is a social leisurely cycling event spread over two days, ie Sat 18 July & Sunday 19 July. The course on day 1 is the easier of the two days courses with predominantly flat terrain, although it is approximately 47 miles in length. The Sunday course is of similar length but incorporates a much more dramatically undulating terrain as we cover more of the western side of the borough of Doncaster.

Both courses are split into 3 legs with cafe/pub stops at the start/end of each, and riders are welcome to take part in any or all of the legs (though sponsorship requirement remains the same).

The Tour starts with a breakfast meeting to register on the day and for a pre ride briefing, the meeting time being 8.30am at Ashworth Barracks cafe (Cedar Road, Balby, Doncaster) where hot and cold food can be purchased (all profits from the cafe go to Victoria Cross Trust). It is anticipated that the ride will start at 9.30am. The cafe has also agreed to remain open until riders have completed the course (which could be around 5.30pm or so). The second day will likewise start and end at this cafe.

The rides will be carried out in accordance with Woo Woo Wheelers simple but important rules and we must emphasise that this is a SOCIAL LEISURE ride – it isn’t a race, average ride pace will be 8-9mph. HELMETS MUST BE WORN by all participants, you will not be permitted to take part without one.

If you could help circulate this for me Dean – and also point people to the actual facebook page for it too – https://www.facebook.com/letourdedoncaster  I’d really appreciate it – as I mentioned before, I would really like to get around 30 different participants overall over the two days (or indeed all doing both days), more than that would be a bonus of course.

I need applicants to request their sponsorship forms by no later than 11 July otherwise they’re unlikely to have enough time to drum up any sponsors.

By Cycle Supreme

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